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Black Pink adidas Football Boots

Dean Ariola

No, it’s not the KPOP concert. The one that goes for retail is the black and pink ‘Own Your Football’ collection from adidas, now complete with the launch of the new-gen Predator Accuracy and speed boot X Speedportal. adidas already provided us the pack’s Copa Pure (also a new generation boot) last month, but it’s only now that ‘Own Your Football’ feels completely released.

Nothing beats getting all the silos of a pack in a single drop, so hopefully we get to see all adidas boots unveiled at the same time for future pack announcements…

Depending on the boot, you either get a predominantly black one with pink accents or the other way around. But regardless of your pick, you get to fully flash around the brand’s Three Stripes with them in white.

The X Speedportal is mostly pink and simply fades into black towards the heel and tongue. The Predator Accuracy serves just somewhat in the middle. Still, the latter looks more black because of how prominent the colour is on the upper, which is then filled by the grip pellets in both thematic pink and black across the toe box. The Copa Pure, as we have seen already, is the blackest of them all, with minimal pink accents on the stud tips and bits of highlights on the white stripes.

It’s somewhat a streamlined look that will replace the distinct colourways of each boot in the 2022 World Cup Al Rihla Pack. The look also gives them a contrasting aura to the white and blue of their direct rivals in the Nike Blast Pack.


Dean Ariola

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