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adidas Lead-in with Predator 24 to Launch the Solar Energy Pack

Dean Ariola

adidas has dropped its 2024 opening pack, but is giving more focus on its latest generation release to start the show. This time it’s the Predator 24‘s turn to lead the spotlight for the Solar Energy Pack. If the Predator 30 showed the OG colours ageing like fine wine, the Solar Energy flaunts the bespoke red, white and black combo in bolder, more progressive hues. And with one of the Elite models carrying the classic fold-over tongue, the merging of the past, present and future Predators continue in this pack.

Beyond the black upper and the white stripes, what is striking is the lively tone of red applied on the tongue area. It somehow exudes an orange glow, and on top of that the small performance logos and brandings here and there are accented in volt yellow. While the tech and features of the Predator 24 themselves are already bridging the Predator of the ’90s and early 2000s to modern football, its Solar Energy iteration is also doing the same thing, at least with regard to the visuals.

You could make the argument that with the Predator 24 doing the headline act, the other boots in the pack would have to take one of the accent colours of the Predator and make it their own. And speaking of the yellow accent, it’s essentially what makes up the Solar Energy form of the X Crazyfast to link it up with the Predator 24. It does, however, bear semblance to the previous Superlative X Ghosted (especially with the inclusion of black stripes and white soleplate). X Crazyfast Solar Energy though appears to be fuller and richer in that solar yellow base and the black stripes some show an influence of blue.

Lastly, the Copa Pure II takes on white as its Solar Energy predominant colour detail. Considering it has the stripes in black and some reddish flow on the outsole, the boot can be assumed to be doing a reversed reflection of the Predator 24 in this pack. As it uses more familiar shades for its white, red and black combination, the Copa Pure II Solar Energy stands out from the previous white releases of the modern Copa.


Dean Ariola

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