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adidas Release Energy Citrus Pack

Ian Ebbs

We are now at the tail-end of the 2023/24 season. To give players that one last grind towards achieving it all, be it in domestic league and cup or continental competition, adidas release their Energy Citrus Pack. Depending on the silo, one colourway is classic and iconic, the other familiar and effective, and the last, refreshing and eccentric.

Solar Yellow Electricity Predators 2024

When I say classic and iconic, I’m talking about these Electricity Predators, the colourway for the Energy Citrus pack is Electric Yellow! These colours were first seen with the 1998 Predator Accelerator, Electricity came back along with that same Predator generation in a special 2018 remake. Now the Predator ’24 is reviving that predominantly solar yellow upper, adorning it with black through the stripes and the tongue. With the full tongue model in place, many are surely looking forward to get their hands on this for nostalgia reasons. They won’t stick around for long or be that easy to get your hands on, but that has been said for a lot of Predator releases this year, they just keep smashing them out of the park!

Red X Crazyfast Boots

Energy Citrus X Crazyfast takes on the familiar and effective red with white and solar yellow colour combination. If you recall, we have seen the same theme applied before, say in the likes of the X Speedlfow Meteorite Pack. This X Crazyfast though gets a cleaner treatment in terms of colouring: just plain, solid-fill red for the upper material itself, white for the stripes and Speedframe soleplate, and solar yellow for the branding and stud tips. It also has a lighter, more pastel-like shade to it.

Overall I really like these & they’re a good way to potentially sign off on the X boots, as rumour has it we will be seeing the F50 replace these, perhaps a soon as the next pack which will probably drop for the Champions League final in a couple of months.

Maroon Leather Copa Boots

I kind of like these Copa, and it is refreshing to get some other than white in the leather releases, but these Energy Citrus Copa Pure 2 do feel a little eccentric. They are primarily maroon, with white for the stripes and that upper panel on the heel. I’m just not sure if the lively solar yellow, through the soleplate and the Copa Pure-specific line-on-stripes, jives well with the formal and focused aura that the maroon exudes for this boot. It’s also inspired by the premium and quality leather execution of the Copa in general. They remind me a little of Pirlo’s wine Tiempos and that isn’t a bad thing, you need some class with your leather boots and these certainly have that.

Overall I like the Energy Citrus pack, I think you have a familiar but standout Predator, a classic execution of the X and an attempt at a modern classic leather boot that nearly hits the mark, well done adidas.


Ian Ebbs

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