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adidas Drop ‘Crazyrush’ 23/24 Season-opening Pack

Dean Ariola

We’re all looking forward to begin the 2023/24 season, and so as adidas. The German brand drops its season-opening ‘Crazyrush’ pack to mark the occassion and hopefully give a boost to all adidas players from the get-go. Crazyrush features all of the silos under the Stripes banner, and from the name itself the pack is spearheaded by the latest addition to the adidas boot history, the X Crazyfast speed boot, which we already launched ahead of the pack.

Thematically speaking, Crazyrush has the Predator Accuracy, Copa Pure and X Crazyfast in a predominantly white colourway, which is sure to go off-white the moment the boots land on the blades and bedding of the grassy pitches. In their own respective ways, the boots carry out eye-catching fluo-yellow accents officially known as ‘Lucid Lemon.’ All of them also execute the adidas stripes with a black finish.

Lucid Lemon usually flows along the outsole of the Crazyrush boots. It then takes more or less prominence depending on the silo. As we have seen, the X Crazyfast has more of it as the fluo-yellow application covers the heel and the bottom half of the upper. Copa Pure uses the thematic accent to highlight the black adidas stripes. Serving somewhat of a middle ground is the Crazyrush Predator, which has Lucid Lemon running along the seams separating the tongue/collar and the upper proper.


Dean Ariola

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