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Predator Accuracy Review

Dean Ariola

After a successful 2022 that ended with a World Cup win, adidas followed that milestone up by opening 2023 with a brand new boot: the Predator Accuracy. But what is it being accurate about, and how does this boot stack up against the previous Predator models and versus its competitors?

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When adidas dropped the Mutator in 2020, it elevated the Predator silo into a truly one-of-a-kind boot because of its super grippy Demonskin rubber elements. The succeeding Freak and Edge models doubled down on this distinction, with the Nike and Puma now providing some competition in the control boot category. This is the context surrounding the Predator Accuracy, and while it’s just fair judge the boot on its own, comparisons are inevitable and must be noted.

Main Features of the Predator Accuracy

A hallmark of the modern Predator boot are the rubber grip elements across the strike zones, and the Accuracy is no exception, providing its own interpretation with the High-Definition grip structure and placement. The Hybridtouch upper mimicks the effects of leather in moulding around the foot and the comfortable press against it. A two-piece Primeknit material forms as the collar while the split-soled Facetframe comprises the soleplate. The small Power Facet metal piece around the tip of the Facetframe’s forefoot aims to redistribute weight towards the front and add a bit of power when striking the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions about Predator Accuracy:

adidas offered two new boots in 2023. The first one, released in January, was the leather Copa Pure. Predator Accuracy soon followed in February, replacing the 2022 Predator Edge.

  • Who uses adidas Predator?

Jude Bellingham and Pedri are some of today’s stars that headline the Predator Accuracy. Interestingly, Pedri even made the switch from Copa to Predator to be part of the Accuracy debut, much like how Bellingham did as well from the Copa Sense to Predator Edge the year before.

Don’t worry, we got you covered in this page. Continue reading on to see if the Predators are worth it for you. Boot choice ultimately rests on individual preferences, but at the very least we can help you determine what are generally good and not so good about the Predator Accuracy regardless of the wearer…

Top-end Predator Accuracy Options:

Predator Accuracy Review

7 Things To Know About Predator Accuracy

  1. Competes directly with the Nike Phantom GX and Puma Future
  2. Comes in laceless and laced models
  3. The 20th iteration of the iconic adidas silo
  4. Costs £250 for the laceless and £200 for both mid-cut and low-cut laced options
  5. Directly replaces the Predator Edge
  6. Stands out as the adidas control boot to the leather Copa Pure and the speed boot X Speedportal by the time of release
  7. Choice of ‘Accuracy’ name kind of reminiscent of the 2000 Predator ‘Precision’

Our Predator Accuracy Expert Review

adidas Predator Accuracy

New 2023 edition of the Predator, the Accuracy are a huge upgrade from the edge, with a hybridtouch upper and 3D elements placed across the strike zones.

Product SKU: GW4577

Product Brand: adidas

Editor's Rating:

✔️ Pros
  • Still one of the grippiest boot out there
  • Hybridtouch upper a soft and pliable one; works indeed in following the foot shape as long as it fits you perfectly
  • Speaking of fit, Predator Accuracy is a wide-fitting boot; another option for our wide-feet friends
  • Decent traction from the triangular studs
  • The combination of the Hybridtouch upper and the split-soled Facetframe makes the Accuracy one of the lightest Predator
  • A nice overall improvement from the Predator Edge
❌ Cons
  • Might be too spacious for narrow feet players
  • Regarding the .1 options, lockdown could have been improved by making the lacing deeper; even wide-feet players might find the lockdown wanting because of the shallow lacing; low-cut a bit shallow as well
  • Power Facet might be just for show; no noticeable weight shift or power distribution as marketed

The Edge might had lived up to the grip identity of the current Predator, but it certainly turned off some because of its stiffness and odd fit. Accuracy addresses such concerns and even optimised the grip (making it not too overpowering unlike in the Mutator up to the Edge), giving credence to the saying that ‘less is more.’

Boot Rankings, Best For…

adidas Predator Accuracy Review by Jay Mike of Unisport:

  • Changes 90% of things from Predator Edge, which is a good thing-apart from not sucking anymore, the Accuracy generally does a lot of things right
  • Hybridtouch upper a very good choice-soft right out of the box, not out of place in today’s market, soft and pliable and moulds around your foot in a natural way; foam liner is plush, soft and nice, and offers a rich luxurious feel to the boot (not leather but kind of feels like it is)
  • Toe box low and pointy but without being sharp or annoying, lacks any pressure points
  • Synthetic upper makes the boot lighter than the Edge
  • One of the widest boot he tried in a while
  • True-to-size
  • Likes the change from Zoneskin to rubber blocks; also feels new grip elements do not go overboard; now feels balanced and refined
  • Foamy padded ball touch
  • Facetframe a solid soleplate with a nice amount of bite, width and stability
  • Power Facet does not feel like making a difference
  • Low-cut a bit too low
  • A lot of dead space in the midfoot, compounded even more by the shallow lacing
  • Recommends use of grip socks
  • Not perfect but still a gigantic step in the right direction relative to the Edge

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Accuracy vs Edge: What Changed?

  • Pricing – Prices increased by £20; could be because of global inflation issues but there could have been value-for-money if prices stayed the same, especially when you consider Hybridtouch is nothing new from adidas and that the same Facetframe is used for the Accuracy
  • Grip – From Mutator to Edge, grip is simply unmatched by other control boots; they are indeed a bit overpowering for some, thus the move by the Accuracy to reduce the grip elements from the ridged Zoneskin to more of rubber pellets scatted across is a welcome optimisation; still grippy but no longer needing that much time to get used to
  • Upper – Whatever the reason, the Edge’s Primeknit did not feel like knit at all; it was stiff and the shape is predetermined; Accuracy’s Hybridtouch changes all that, allowing the boot to feel comfortable and move naturally with the flexing of the foot
  • Weight – At least in today’s standards, the Accuracy is still lagging in terms of being a lightweight boot; nonetheless the new Predator is a step in the right direction compared to the Edge as far as weight is concerned

Previous Predator Generations

The adidas Predator has been a constant presence on the football field since 1994. However, it must be noted that it did have a blip and got replaced by the ACE in the mid-2010s. Safe to say that much of the current Predator’s build much more resembles its return in 2017 than any of its iteration in the pre-ACE era. Let’s look back at some of the past Predator generations starting with the immedate predecessor, the 2022 Predator Edge:

Predator Edge (2022)

adidas brought in the Edge in 2022, representing the brand’s grippiest football boot with its ridged Zoneskin elements. Edge drew inspiration from the earlier Predator LZ in both launch colourway and grip element structure. Unfortunately for the Edge, it was marred by fit and comfort issues, as the Primeknit upper felt stiff for a knitted material and that the shape was predetermined by the rounded formation of the Zoneskin.

Predator Freak (2021)

The Freak was launched in 2021 and introduced minor adjustments to the Mutator model. The Demonspikes were lessened and spaced out to bring down the grip level to an optimal level (still the grippiest boot despite the said change). A two-piece tongue-collar construction increased the height of the collar on heel part. It was the Freak that had the Controlframe tooling for the last time.

Predator 20/Mutator (2020)

The Mutator introduced the Predator to the football boot industry as the grippiest football boot ever. 406 Demonskin rubber spikes touch the ball like no other boot can, giving the wearer that precious split-second grip to control the ball however, whenever he wants it. The + model maintained the laceless construction introduced in the 18 and 19, and like the preceeding Predators any one preferring a laced setup can certainly have it with the .1 variant, available in low and high-cut finishes. As with the tooling, it did change the Controlframe to make the split-sole element more visible.

Predator 19 (2018)

Not much changed from the Predator 18 to the Predator 19. The latter simply added some material branding and Controlskin detailing to perhaps give the tech more emphasis and attention. The rubber material on the heel, however, was a much more noticeable update and was applied to have a more natural contour over that part of the boot. Some highlight releases under the Predator 19 involved the boot with packs related to the Predator classics. The ’25 Years of Predator’ pack, which delivered a gold ZZ Accelerator and a white DB Precision, also gave us the ‘Beckham Zidane’ Predator 19. It had a glossy Controlskin in gold, navy Primeknit, and red accents on the external heel counter. With the Predator Mania 19 pack, adidas included a black Predator 19+ and a white Predator 19.1, both with a sticker graphic featuring the Mania’s swerving elements and a Fusionskin upper instead of pure knit.

Predator 18 (2017)

The Predator 18, while bearing the name of the iconic adidas silo, brought with it features that were trending at that time. First among them was the Primeknit base of the upper, making it the first Predator to dip into the knit territory. Next was the laceless construction, notching another first for the silo. Even though it was not as high as other so-called sock boots, the higher-than-usual collar finish was another modern adoption of the Predator 18. The Controlskin ridged texturing overlay served as the Predatory element, which significant departed from the rubber external elements of past models. It was in this boot that the first iteration of the Controlframe emerged before it got reengineered in the Predator Mutator. The stud configuration was trigonometric and the soleplate had a full-length construction with some Y-shaped stiffener structural reinforcement. Adidas gave a .1 option for those who preferred a laced setup. 

Rather than reintroducing the key characteristics of the Predator, the 18 reflected the dominant boot trends at that time. It was more of an evolution of the ACE (especially the Purecontrol+), the model that replaced the Predator Instinct. Suffice to say, questions were asked whether they truly marked the return of Predator in the football boot scene.


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