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Phantom GX vs Luna

Dean Ariola

With the GX and the Luna, Nike’s Phantom line is back to its two-prong headliner. While marketed as ‘For Her, By Her’ football boot, the Phantom Luna does not present any problem to male players who would like to try it out. With those in mind, the Luna has its own thing going on that make it distinct from the GX, but also share some features with its sister-Phantom silo. Football Boots UK compares and contrast the two so you can understand the points where they meet and where they essentially diverge.

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It All Starts with Gripknit!

Whether you go for the GX or the Luna, with Nike Phantom you get a knit-based upper that make the overall silo distinct from the synthetic Mercurial and the leather-like Tiempo. Specifically with Gripknit, the Phantom boot has these sticky yarns that provide an optimal level of ball grip. This is perfect for dragging or dribbling the ball without having that worry of tripping over, and to be a little more effective in producing a spin when you strike it.

But the GX and the Luna execute Gripknit differently. The former does it by incorporating the sticky yarns alongside the high-tenacity yarns in a spiral-like weave, whereas the latter introduces that familiar Flyknit setup of a thin plastic overlay across the knit base, which in this case has the Gripknit as a ribbed texturing. The respective Gripknit build causes a difference in the overall fit and feel between the two, but suffice to say for now that the GX, because the Gripknit is scattered more throughout the upper, does feel stickier to the ball than the Luna.


Another Similarity: Promo Heel Counter

When the GX got launched, it introduced a heel construction that contained a hallowed-out counter that was well-received because of the comfort it provided. Because of the said reception, the Phantom Luna includes such heel build as part of its features to make the women’s game safer and more enjoyable. The Luna though only has a DF version, whereas with the GX you have a choice whether to add a sock-collar to that heel construction or extend the cutout towards a low-cut finish.


Your Nike Phantom Silos

Nike Phantom GX DF

Nike Phantom GX Low

Nike Phantom Luna


GX and Luna in Fit and Feel

Going back to the fit and feel, the upper on the GX feels more pliable and moves naturally with the flex of your foot, with the Luna focusing more on structural stability and securing your foot in place. So on that note, we could say that the GX offers more comfort and freedom of movement whereas the Luna has that edge in responsiveness and lockdown. In fact, the Luna seems to be a boot that you will have as a result of combining the synthetic Mercurial with the knitted Magista Obra.

Since it does have more stretch and give in terms of the upper, not to mention the usual Phantom last, the GX appeals more to wide-feet players or for those who wanted a boot that moves naturally with their feet. Considering that they have in mind female players that generally have slimmer foot shapes, the Phantom Luna is arguably narrow-fitting. The fit and wrap is much closer especially out-of-the-box when the boots haven’t broken-in yet.

No complaints on the lockdown as both have laces, though the more structured sensation of the Luna might have probably given itself an edge of the GX in this regard. As to the GX, if you feel like you need more material for the heel, you may need to consider going for the DF-collared version then. The thing with the DF model is that it also has the meshed Ghost Lacing System cover (last seen in the Phantom VSN) to clean up the striking surface. Even with the low, you at least have a bit of covering on the lower end of the laces. Such is not the case with the Luna whose off-centre lacing system angles toward the medial side as opposed to the usual lateral orientation.


Multi-Directional vs Cyclone 360

Nike has designed the Phantom outsoles to be versatile enough for traction and rotation. The GX has a combination of Tristars and conicals aimed at assisting you with multidirectional cuts. With Cyclone 360, the Luna boasts a unique circular formation of blades on the forefoot to make sure the wearer is firmly planted when he or she pivots with their toes.

Both stud configurations work well and should be a matter of personal preference. However, be advised that the plastic used on both outsoles are on the softer side. They’re obviously great for comfort and natural movement, but could be offsetting for some in their lack of responsiveness and structural stability.


Who Wears the Phantom GX and Luna

To limit a football boot to certain wearers is a futile endeavour. But generally speaking, you can see the Phantoms as the preferred boot by players in the middle third or by players with exquisite technical abilities. You can also see the Phantoms as a constant presence among playmakers and those who like to dictate the tempo of the match. Some of the big names to wear the Phantom are Phil Foden (GX) and Kevin de Bruyne (Luna).


Dean Ariola

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