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White Boots

White is the serious professional's colour of choice. While other shades are yelling for attention, white gets noticed just by being there. In major or minor roles on a football boot, there's none more striking in contrast than 'the colour that isn't'.

The first ever white – or any colour other than black – were the idea of Brian Hewitt when acting as Marketing Director for Hummel when they first came to the UK in 1970.

They were worn for the first time by Alan Ball in the 1970 Charity Shield match – and the commentator referred to him as twinkle toes during the match, such a revelation was it at the time.

For a clean-cut, fast look that stands out, but still maintains it's integrity and style you can't beat white. Whilst less popular with social players as you have to clean your boots all the time, white is popular with the pros and perhaps you should be cleaning your boots more often anyway?

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