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White Boots

Dean Ariola

White is the serious professional’s colour of choice. While other shades are yelling for attention, white gets noticed just by being there. In major or minor roles on a football boot, there’s none more striking in contrast than ‘the colour that isn’t’.

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The thought of football boots in any colour other than black was the idea of Brian Hewitt, acting as Marketing Director for Hummel when they came to the UK in 1970. A white pair of football boots was then worn for the first time by Alan Ball in the year’s Charity Shield match – and the commentator referred to him as ‘twinkle toes’ during the match. Such a revelation was it at that time!

For a clean-cut, fast look that stands out, but still maintains it’s integrity and style you can’t beat white. Whilst less popular with social players as you have to clean your boots all the time, white is popular with the pros and perhaps you should be cleaning your boots more often anyway?

Nike White Boots

Barna Phantom Luna 2/GX 2

May not be the cleanest white boot option around the beginning of Spring 2024 because of the barca-inspired design on the quarter and the sole, but that white Gripknit upper sure tilted the boot toward being mostly pure and pristine.

Tiempo Prototype

Prototype was the special edition Tiempo Legend 10 release that used an white setup as a backdrop to apply purplish visuals aiming to highlight the tech behind the synthetic leather boots. It was like the how Nike displayed a schematic graphic displaying the component of the Mercurials in the Blueprint pack.

Ready Pack

Nike opened 2023/24 with a predominantly white collection in the form of the Ready Pack. The Tiempo Legend led in this regard in that it only has minor detailing like the black Swoosh outline and the red Flyknit tongue. The Mercurial was mostly white as well in this pack, though the quarter arguably attracts attention due to the prominent red trim with an ‘AIR’ cutout branding.

adidas White Pairs

Whiteout Predator 2024

This was your best boot to go to if you like a clean, white option (save for the silverish stripes and greyish Strikeskin elements) that provided a high level of grip on the ball. It had laceless and laced choices.

Copa Pure II Solar Energy Boots

Whether you went for the + or the regular Elite Copa Pure 2 option in January 2024, what you get was a predominantly white Fusionskin upper with black stripes and pinkish accents around the soleplate. It was a bit beigy, especially under the ideal lighting conditions.

Copa Pure II White Base Pack

If you were looking at the cleanest white boot at the end of 2023, the Copa Pure II Base Pack arguably made the case for such. Only thing it got going apart from a pristine whiteout application was the silver finish on the stripes.

Crazyrush 23/24 Opening Boots

adidas opened up 23/24 with a collection of white boots with fluoro-yellow accents. Leading this pack release was the debut of the new-gen X Crazyfast that replaced the Speedportals.

Copa Pure Heatspawn

The thematic solar orange of the adidas Heatspawn pack still forms part of the included Copa Pure, but the silo deviates significantly from the pack by being predominantly white and using the Heatspawn orange on its stripes and soleplate. Compared to the other 2022/23 pristine white adidas boots, the Copa Pure Heatspawn has a silky shade.

White Puma Options

Future 7 Phenomenal Boots

The player-wide debut of the 2024-generation of the Neymar’s Puma boot, the Future 7, involved a white-based colourway that was drowned by the pinkish underlay colour accent and the light blue PWRPRINT texturing.

Breakthrough Boots

Mostly worn during the 2023 FIFA World Cup, these were the boots worn by Puma’s ensemble of international stars. Future and Ultra players got to rock these white Puma options at the grandest of women’s football stage. Both silos sported some pink accents to go with the pristine base.

Previous White Releases

adidas Pearlized Pack

adidas Pearlized pack gives us boots that are as white as snow, as these whiteout boots do not bear any secondary or accent colours (not even on small details like the brandings or logos). Even the outsoles go in white for a complete pristine look. The collection is released in conjunction with the Nightstrike pack that go in the opposite direction-full blackouts for the Copa, Predator and X. The packs accompany the first official on-pitch adidas boots for 2023.

Class Legacy Copa Icon

Not to be confused with the Fusionskinned Copa, the Copa Icon is adidas’ another attempt to modernise the Mundial, only this time much of the changes appear to be the change to synthetic for the midfoot and tongue, plus the heavy padding compared to the OG. The leather is also another change, moving on from the customary K-leather and going for an adaptive cow leather.


Blast Pack

The predominance of white is a noticeable feature of the design of Nike’s second on-pitch pack for the 2022/23 season. It is then complemented by a brighter shade of blue for the accent colour-appearing as sky blue in one silo and popping or bordering on azure on the others. Among the three silos, the Mercurial has the most prominence of the white colourway. The Phantom GX and the Tiempo Legend, most especially, has a bit of a half-and-half colour scheme. One might point out that the Phantom is more sky blue than white given that it colours the Gripknit, the main feature of the boot’s upper.


Women’s Brilliance Pack 

Puma dedicated a full boot pack featuring the Future, Ultra and King to women footballers with the launch of the Brilliance Pack. More than the looks, though, the best part was that all of the boots were crafted specifically with women’s fit in mind.

Christian Pulisic 2 Ultra Ultimate 

From the American theme of the first signature, the second CP Ultra signature moves on to a more Chelsea-oriented colour accents, paying tribute to the football star’s club in domestic football. Really brings a speed look courtesy of the streaking polygonal Wild Cat graphic on the medial side.

King Ultimate Supercharge 

Puma launches its latest modern King boots, now dubbed as the King Ultimate for naming consistency, in predominantly white colourway. The ‘Blue Shimmer’ and ‘Ultra Orange’ accents indicate that the debut King Ultimate is part of the Supercharge pack.


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