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Yellow MDS #002

Mbappe, Ronaldo and Kerr debut their new Superfly with the Mercurial Dream Speed 002. The Mercurial Dream Speed 002 comes in a Lemon Venom colourway. A standard boot with a special design, they feature all the technology of a Superfly, most notably Flyknit 360, Nikeskin and ACC, and a split sole-plate featuring the Nike Aerotrak zone with microgrooves on the forefoot.

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Nike Boots in #002 Mercurial Dream Speed Lemon Venom Pack:

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The MDS 002 will drop the symbols and number branding of the original MDS (though #002 is still at the back on the heel) in favour of a cleaner look and will highlight instead the features of the Lemon Venom colourway. The Nike symbols on either side of the Vapor and Superfly lines will feature black Swoosh outlines with the one on the toebox to the lateral side having an orange highlight while the one on the medial side having a green highlight. The dotted pattern of the microtextured Flyknit uppers start of bright yellow on top and then gradually transitions to orange on the medial side and green on the lateral. That colour and pattern then extend to the base of the soleplate forming a uniquely blended warped graphical design. The Swoosh design on the toe has a matte finish to provide extra grip on the ball.

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#002 Mercurial Dream Speed Lemon Venom Boots

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