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Terra Pack Nike Boots

These boots are out of this world, with the new Terra pack the likes of Eden Hazard, Harry Kane, Asisat Oshoala and Nadia Nadim will be wearing them, Neymar still has his Speed Freak, Ronaldo & Mbappe will still rock the MDS, there a bunch of younger upcoming stars who will be in the Nuovo White pack still and the league winners from last season will be in the Phantom Fire pack still, the rest of the Mercurial and Phantom wearers will end up in this pack.

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Nike Boots in Terra Pack Pack:

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A standout colourway from recent releases with the Mercurial, the brightest and boldest feature is the aerotrak soleplate with a stunning combination of purple and green under the earth vibes we see on the upper, designed to give the impression of walking on sand or The Earth.

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Terra Pack Boots

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