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Black Nike Shadow Pack

Blake Grice

The Nike Shadow Pack is for anyone who only means business, be it a professional-level player or not. The boots command respect with their traditional black complemented by classy accents, all in all exuding a colourway that equates to commitment and hard work. The Shadow Pack competes with the adidas Edge of Darkness and Puma Eclipse collections to start the black packs for 2022.

As for the Mercs, their black Vaporposite upper gets adorned with the graphics introduced in the Blueprint Pack. This time, the markings are gold and the overlay logos, including those on either side of the heel, are silver. The Aerotrak’s central spine and supporting stud frame are black and sit between the dark grey plates.

The same colour theme appears on the Phantom GTs. The Flyknit upper is black, and the GT2 template graphic is silverish grey together with the big Swoosh towards the instep and the smaller one on the medial side of the ankle. Both Swooshes have gold borders, which join the solid filled Swoosh on the lateral ankle to form the said colour accent.

Black feels natural to the Tiempo‘s K-leather and gives the boot a timeless look, while the secondary gold accent coming from the brandings and logos is just enough to give it a distinct look.


Blake Grice

Former Head Writer and Boot Head, Blake supports Manchester United and favours the number 12 shirt. He's a widefooted twenty-five goals a season striker.