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Nike Rawdacious Pack

Blake Grice

Rawdacious Pack is Nike‘s summer boot collection release for 2021 and combines a range of sports. A mashup of ‘raw’ and ‘audaciousness,’ the pack is dedicated to the daredevils of the sport who constantly bring out the best in football. Rawdacious’ is also about unity in soccer and uses white and warm tones to elicit such value. In addition, it draws out accents of pink, orange, and crimson to direct attention to the boots’ technological features, especially for the new-gen silos.

First up in the Rawdacious pack is the Mercurials, which have a white Flyknit tongue (and heel tab for the Vapor; collar for the Superfly) and mesh overlay that house an orange Titan synthetic and black midfoot speed band. A salmon pink soleplate forms as the boots’ base and its Aerotrak support studs sparkle with an iridescent finish. Completing the looks of the Rawdacious Mercs are the black details on the upper such as the Speed Wing aesthetics on either side of the heel and the Nike Swooshes. Nike’s symbols are uniquely designed, with the small medial Swoosh having an out-of-sync yellow outline and the big lateral Swoosh featuring a squiggly composition.

Both the Rawdacious GTs and Tiempos go beyond just showing a new colourway as both releases are new-gen models (the former now on its second iteration while the latter goes strong with this 9th generation launch). As seen on the Mercs, the base colour of the pack is white, and the same applies to the Flyknit upper of the Phantom GT2. The GT2 now features a streamlined v-shaped Generative Texture that is also white for the most part. Like the Mercs, the GT2 also has the squiggly Swoosh located on the toe box and the small one with an out-of-sync yellow outline on the medial heel. An orange-gold trim branches out and forms across the upper. Lastly, the Hyperquick soleplate has an orange base layer and salmon pink stud plate mixed with pockets of iridescent glows.

The CTR-inspired Tiempo Legend 9 features soft foam pods to further enhance the touch of the K-leather upper. It also re-engineers the Hyperstability soleplate to be more aggressive in its traction. The changes to the upper and the soleplate also make the Legend 9 the lightest Tiempo to date. Colourway-wise, it follows the white base-crimson soleplate template, though the tooling also has a blend of orange on the forefoot when exposed to sufficient lighting. The upper also contains both Swoosh designs introduced on the Mercs and the GT2. The squiggly lateral Swoosh of the Tiempo flows seamlessly along a yellow border and concludes on the heel with the Tiempo symbol.


Blake Grice

Former Head Writer and Boot Head, Blake supports Manchester United and favours the number 12 shirt. He's a widefooted twenty-five goals a season striker.