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Player Inspired VSN 2

A fresh white drop from Nike the new White/Black/Laser Crimson colourway of the Nike Phantom Vision II, is the third set of colours seen on the VSN 2 after the ‘Future Lab’ and ‘Kinetic Black’ editions.

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The external heel pad with its pink dimpled pattern, the dynamic fit collar, and the V-shaped Ghost Lacing with white perforations, are all black, while the front of the boot and across from lateral to medial sides are white. Along the seam of the external heel pad is white Phantom Vision branding on the outer side and the Quadfit and ACC branding on the opposite end. Along the lateral side covering the Vamp is the big bold reversed Swoosh symbol and on the other side is its small non-inverted counterpart. The black colour of the Nike symbols is highlighted by their white upper. The front of the boot continues to display windmill shape microtextures that are embossed in the deep lateral side and get more pronounced as it goes over to the instep.

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