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Phantom Fire Pack

Ian Ebbs

Nike created a new pack for their visionary playmakers and venomous finishers, with the Phantom Fire pack, Nike turn up the heat in these new Venom and Vision styles.

The Phantom Venom has a touch of T90 through back to it, the grandfather of the Phantom Venom you could say, if the Hypervenom were their father, the use of Mango brings back memories of the Mango T90 Laser IV, a very popular boot in it’s time.

The Phantom Vision uses a combination of grey and mango, primarily the grey for quite a dark boot, more understated of the two, the the mango pops, including the graphics shown around the heel that we have seen used in recent Nike packs, like the New Lights and also Under The Radar and Nuovo White (albeit harder to see on those packs).

The drop is available to most with AG and Anti clog options as well as kids versions, but their use on pitch will be limited to title winner players from last season, so don’t expect to see them on everyone, so VNM and VSN players could be seen in these grey/mango Phantom Fires, Nuovo White or the New Lights depending on what Nike give them.


Ian Ebbs

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