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Nike Launch Tiempo Legend Pearl

Dean Ariola

Launching almost immediate after the Emerald, the Nike Tiempo Legend Pearl continues the 30th anniversary celebration of the silo that began the Swoosh’s footprint in football. Now you have two choices on how to commemorate the completion of the Tiempo’s third decade of existence! This is just like how Nike executed the 25th anniversary of the Mercurial, which had a limited drop and a more general, colour accented version. It’s just a matter of how much green you like to have on your Tiempo 30 on whether you like this Pearl launch or the earlier Emerald one. To sum it up, Emerald and Pearl are essentially reverse colourways.

So yes, Pearl puts that pristine white at the forefront and Emerald green at the supporting role. This means you get the pristine white dominating much of the boot from toe to heel. But before we get into more details as to how Pearl flipped the colour roles, we have to put it out there that the boot still has that quilted textures that we’ve seen from the Emerald release. And if you’re on a lookout for a pair with some fancy boxing and bag, be sure to get your Tiempo Pearl now. That velvet bag is as premium as it gets, and might even serve as a perfect accessory to your casual/lifestyle clothing when you hit the streets.

When it comes to the ‘Dark Atomic Teal’ accent, it glosses over the iridescent Swoosh. Move and view the boot in angles and you see the accent change to bluish and pinkish at times. The same shine and colour effect applies to the forefoot of the sole. We also have some of that green secondary detailing apply on the heel’s special Tiempo Legend X logo and the tech brandings. It’s the same logo that appears on the tab latched on the side of the collar.

The insole does have a commemorative design on the surface. Both of them have the special logo seen on the heel, but the year that underlines it differs from one side to the other. The left reads 1994 while the right, in a highlighted form, says 2024. It’s a symbolic touch for Nike to apply such design inside the boot. There’s no escaping for the player with the Pearl boots in literally standing and playing on several years of Nike Tiempo Legend evolution. And watch out for the pearl Swoosh dangling on the eyelet. Not many boots sign off with such a premium detail…


Dean Ariola

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