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Silver/Chrome Nike Boots

Blake Grice

The latest Nike pack is now out to give you a healthy dose of grey ahead of the summer months. Dubbed the Neighbourhood Pack, this collection sees all of Nike’s current silos radiating with a conservative metallic bomber grey upper to contrast dynamically with the red-outlined black swoosh. All except the Tiempo have their Swoosh shaped into a ‘Zap’ similar to the zap linings in some of Nike’s 2020 international kits. The Neighbourhood Nike football boots also include a subtle print of numbers that refer to the postal codes of key players.

Going down to the silos themselves, the Neighbourhood Mercurials flash a silverish Nikeskin overlay that serves as a great background to other gorgeous details. The outer side of the toe box displays a black zap swoosh followed by a bold and wide translucent orange band that goes across the lateral. The outer side of the heel and the inner side of the toe feature a vertically clustered filled and outlined swooshes. The medial side showcases then the red outlined black zap swoosh and just around the midfoot area is the orange print of the key players’ postal codes. The tips of the aerotrac plate studs have orange accents with a black swoosh just below the toe, and the plate itself is a tonic grey.

The Phantom Venom sees its honeycombed toe box shaded with light grey and printed with the bold orange band with subtle postal code prints positioned near its edge. The Power strike zone and the silicone-layered lateral deliver a sparkling grey coating, with the lateral side housing the Neighbourhood trademark swoosh. Similar to the Mercurials, the Venom also displays a cluster of Orange swooshes on the heel. The Hyperreactive 2.0 outsole is pure grey and its blades are orange-tipped. The lacing system and its half-ghost lace cover stand out thanks to their black colour.

The Venom’s sibling Phantom Vision 2 shows varying degrees of silverish glitter on its Hyperscreenzone. The outstep is dominated by the plain zap swoosh and the orange postal code strip while the instep highlights the red-outlined Zap swoosh. The exposed Flyknit ghost lace cover and the dynamic fit collar sport a darker shade of grey. The external heel pad houses the clustered orange Swooshes. And just like its Phantom twin, the Vision 2’s Hyperreactive soleplate is pure grey with orange accents on the tips of the studs.

Last but not least, the K-leather forefoot gets the metallic aura of grey while the synthetic half offer a somewhat chrome finish. The lateral has the Neighbourhood swoosh undercut from behind by the postal code orange band. The slanted seam at the back of the heel is flanked by clear orange postal code prints and Tiempo branding, with the Swoosh clusters occupying the outer side. The Hyperposition outsole is unique relative to the other Neighbourhood outsoles concerning having a Maroon shade on the rear plate that gradually fades into white on the front plate.


Blake Grice

Former Head Writer and Boot Head, Blake supports Manchester United and favours the number 12 shirt. He's a widefooted twenty-five goals a season striker.