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Impulse Pack

Cooldown the pitch in the summer of 2021 with Nike's Impulse Pack and get your favourite Swoosh football boot in your preferred shade of green. Whether you go for the Mercs, the Phantoms, or the Tiempos, Nike's Lime Pack ensures that your next soccer cleats complement the hue of the football grass and invigorate your creativity within.

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Nike Boots in Impulse Pack:

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The Phantom GT from the Lime Pack radiates with a refreshing Lime Glow base. The said primary colourway allows the black GT strip, the Generative Texture pills themselves, and the outlines of the Swooshes to be visible. Aquamarine accents add dynamism to the boot and are mostly coming from the solid fill of the ankle Swooshes, the brandings, and the microtriangular pattern overlapping with the Swoosh outline around the toe box. There is also a triangular graphic composed of the said pattern on the heel. It houses within a small Swoosh and Phantom GT branding.

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