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Daybreak Boots

Blake Grice

Nike adds another collection of their football boots in vibrant colours with the release of their Daybreak Pack. The pack sees the Nike football boots combine white with other eye-catching colours in preparation for the start of another season and heading towards Winter time. Both the Phantom GT and Tiempo in the Daybreak pack are predominately white boots.

Notable in this pack is the inclusion of Nike’s new control boot Phantom GT with its white/pink blast/black launch colourway, which is available in DF with the dynamic fit collar and without, the low option.

The Daybreak Mercurial gives the original Laser Orange Superfly 7 special edition a lot of twists. The Swoosh covering a significant section of the lateral side is lightning-shaped and rests against a white film. Its surface is black and has an orange outline. The toe box and the edge of the medial side have speedy white lines, with those on the medial side sitting on a tonal orange film and outlining a white MERCURIAL lettering. The Swoosh on this side of the boot is black with a white outline. The Aerotrak spine is black while the split soles are transparent to display the internal black chevrons.

The Tiempo Daybreak introduces a white K-leather back-to-back with a cool blue (dubbed as Hyper Royal) synthetic quarter. The Swoosh contains its trademark ribbed surface and has a black colour with silver outline. The TIEMPO branding at the back of the boot is dark grey. The Hyperstability plate uses a tonal blue shade, with the transparent studs on the forefoot exposing an internal black support structure. In the middle of the soleplate is black Nike Swoosh.


Blake Grice

Former Head Writer and Boot Head, Blake supports Manchester United and favours the number 12 shirt. He's a widefooted twenty-five goals a season striker.