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Nike Club Boots

Dean Ariola

Nike Club are the entry-level Nike boot models. They are their entry level pairs and the absolute cheapest you can buy from the swoosh and whilst they are made to look like the models worn by pro players, the materials used for them and the quality of those differ a lot. They are the cheapest boots on the market but may suit some young children and those just starting out.

We’ve had a chance to test out each of the Mercurial, Phantom and Tiempo pairs in this range and got them on the feet of some of our younger players too. Are they worth considering? Find out on this page: 


Mercurial Club Boots

Quality-wise, I feel it’s better to save up some more and look at other available boots, most especially those top-end Mercurials with old colourways that are now discounted. You are also better served by at least considering the Pro model. The Club still serves its purpose, especially for really young players and if you are simply looking for the cheapest boot possible to get started.

The Club Mercurial is also a good transition boot for a young player whose physical attributes are still developing. Fit-wise, the relaxed fit of the Mercs at this level somehow gives an advantage to the Superfly, with the neoprene collar and tongue provide a more streamlined feeling than the regular tongue of the Vapor.

Superfly 9 Club

These have a ribbed texturing on the boots upper, relative to the Academy release. The upper feels more padded as well and the boot as whole features a generic shape, making the fit more relaxed and less streamlined compared to the top models.

They keep the Mercurial Superfly identity with its neoprene sock like collar. The outsole has a full length soleplate with a Multiground configuration.

Vapor 15

The Vapor is the low-cut Mercurial version, for both the Academy and Club, the Vapor substitutes a low-cut and standard tongue construction for the textile-collared opening and tongue of more expensive pairs.

Club Phantom GX Boots

The Phantom GX in the club come in two versions as DF pair with a neoprene tongue and sock like collar and the regular low-cut pair, that have a standard tongue construction.

Phantom GX Club is made with thicker materials that make the boot feel chunky. However, for casual players who like to have a boot that is durable and can take a beating, the Phantom GX Club is one of those boots that is sure to last.

They can be a good buy as well for first-time football players just to get them used to the feeling of football boots. They are an economic choice for young ones who are still growing, as the cheap price makes it easy to move on to the next boot once their feet no longer fit into the club boots.

Tiempo Legend 10 Club

The Tiempo club provides a synthetic leather attribute to all the applicable benefits of Nike Club boots. The flex grooves are kept to a bare minimum and are there more on to mimic the look of the Elite

Like other Club boots, the Tiempo Club needs a bit of a break-in time, though probably less than the other boots in its price range because of the presence of synthetic leather.


Club boots are multi-grounded by default, this means they can be worn on firm grass and artificial pitch surfaces, there are also models with TF outsoles for those playing in older generation, carpet-like synthetic grass pitches.

Club MG Boots

Each of Nike’s club boot is playable in both firm grass pitches and new-gen synthetic ones, whose grass length is high enough to simulate some depth. This is because the soleplates are officially labelled as Multi-Grounded. They are able to provide enough traction in natural grass but are also quite abrasive-resistant to the artificial ones.

TF/IN Club

The only other variation to the Club MG boots are the TF-soled Clubs and Indoors.

Kids Club Boots

Get these boots for those really young ones who can’t wait to dive into the football pitch! Ideal for first kicks, mini football and all those under ten just starting out.


Dean Ariola

Dean has worked Chief writer at the Black & Orange team since 2020, he has an indepth knowledge of all the soccer shoes from the big brands, you have him to thank for all the updates to our Boot Secrets guide and he is first on the scene with all the new releases for you!