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Atak Grip socksSocks

C-Grip socks are football socks produced by Atak Sports, a well-established sports brand in Tuam, County Galway in the west of Ireland. Atak Sports have a lot of sports gear products, and C-Grip socks is one of their forays in football.

The grip of Atak's C-grip socks feature a unique square-shaped silicone elements that are a bit glossy and tacky. They are relatively more-spaced and also have some placements along the edges of the underfoot. A mesh construction on the top gives some ventilation to the socks to help keep the foot dry and cool. The ankles are noticeably padded for more stability and to minimise the risk of injuries. Atak Sports also uses a high-grade mix of Polyamide and Cotton for a soft and comfortable material construction.

Atak grip socks are available in sizes 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. Multiple colours are available in the mid-leg and full length models.