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Tapedesign Sock Review

Dean Ariola

Tapedesign is an Austrian manufacturer that focuses on grip socks, a type of performance socks that enhances your foot traction inside the boot to give you more stability and reduce internal slippage. Led by Barcelona’s Ivan Rakitic, Tapedesign is growing its base of professional football players wearing them which now includes the likes of Antoine Griezmann and Joao Felix, all thanks to the premium material construction as well as the efficacy of the non-slip technology.

The All-Around socks, as Tapedesign calls them, uses a one-size last with elastic soft cotton material. Its grip technology is made up of suction-like rubbery knobs that cover the entire sole. The rubbery knobs do not feature inside the sock but instead, a firm elastic material closely wraps the foot to make sure that the sock stays in place.

Tapedesign has been used in different sports that heavily involves rotational pivots and agile directional changes, with high reviews coming from both professional and amateur athletes.

5 Things You’ll Want to Know About the Tapedesign Socks:

  1. Approaches non-slip technology the same way like Trusox with the application of silicon suction-like dots in the sole of the socks
  2. A free-size (ONE size) system due to its elasticity may be viewed as too stretched or roomy for extremely wide or narrow feet respectively
  3. Offers variety in terms of ankle length with its short, mid, and long cut options
  4. Does not have internal grip elements unlike other grip socks
  5. Adjusting for the optimal fit may take a bit of time because of its one-size system

Boot Wizard thoughts about Tapedesign in his grip socks tier list (see video here):

  • Don’t like them
  • One-size-fits-all and very basic
  • More expensive than other grip socks that also provide the same, if not even more benefits
  • Ranks low in his tier-list of grip socks

Boothype wrote about Tapedesign on their website, saying:

  • Generic sizing does not hug the foot quite well, especially when partnered with a modern, snug fit football boot
  • The circular shape of the grip elements add some suction function on top of friction
  • Lacks of internal grip elements causes foot slippage inside the sock while the sock remains attached to the boot
  • Grip elements are well-engineered and may last long; durability questions with the shape of the sock considering the odd fit
  • Recommends correcting the fit, changing sewing pattern or yarn, and adding tighter arch and ankle support to make Tapedesign genuinely competitive


Dean Ariola

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