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Trusox Socks Review

Back in 2012, a revolutionary football product had started sweeping across professional football players and in a sport dominated by Nike and Adidas, it was to everyone's surprise that the product came from an outsider. This was the Trusox football socks, the pioneer of what are now known as grip socks.

Trusox are not your ordinary football socks as they feature elements that significantly reduce slippage both inside the sock and inside the boot, enhancing responsiveness, speed, and agility in the process. It is no wonder why the likes of Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, and a host of other players from every major European league have included Trusox as part of their footwear.

The highlight of Trusox is the multiple grip pads called INEX that populate the interior and exterior sides of the base of the socks. This patented INEX formulation is what makes the unparalleled grip possible. INEX is supported by Trusox's Wet Grip Technology wherein the pads are activated by sweat as Trusox starts to acclimatise with your foot. Coupled with a moisture-wicking fabric, Trusox uses sweat to your advantage to enhance your overall game.

Trusox comes in thin and cushioned variations, with ankle, mid-calf, and full length cuts to also choose from. Trusox has now been made available in multiple colours to possible match the official kit colours of your team.

5 Things You'll Want to Know About Trusox:

  1. The pioneer of grip socks and still stands out in today's market
  2. Still betters the likes of NikeGrip and Alphaskin in terms of grip, though comfort may arguably be the advantage of the grip socks from the sportswear giants
  3. Ankle cut is only available in thin and white, while the mid-calf has both thin and cushioned, with several colours; full length also has thin and cushioned, but only available in black and white
  4. While pros generally prefer the cushioned variation, the thin variation might come in handy for modern football boots that already have a snug fit
  5. Consider if your goal is to get the ultimate grip and responsiveness as Trusox is retailed at £33.00, higher than the price of other grips in the market

SR4U has the following points about Trusox:

  • Still the most effective grip socks
  • Price can be a downside especially if your boots already perfectly fit
  • Can help with boots that has an odd fit to your foot
  • Grip works, but no evidence of ability-enhancing effect
  • Trusox is great, but is not a requirement and not for everyone; should always consider fit and comfort

Unisport listed Trusox as part of its top grip socks list with the following reasoning:

  • A very nice sock with the best grip in the market
  • Washing them a bit might cause some of the pads to grip your foot in a weird position
  • Provides one of the most efficient grip among grip socks, making it a very nice option
  • Greatly enables a secure feel in terms of lockdown
  • Grippiness wears down a bit with constant use and wash