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Stepzz Grip Socks Review

Along with his dream of signing a professional football contract, Sheldon Tweedie also runs the independent grip sock brand Stepzz as its CEO. Actively participating in the sport as a player himself, Sheldon does understand the demands of a player that opts to have grip socks together with his footwear. He is joined in Stepzz by Sam Blair who acts as the logistics guy-taking care of all the packaging before shipping out the orders. Click on this link to start shopping for a pair of Stepzz grip socks.

Stepzz, like Pure Grip Socks, offers very grippy socks in an affordable price. Relative to Pure Grip, Stepzz is arguably much cheaper once you factor their lower shipping fees. Regarding the grip socks themselves, Stepzz indeed prevent slippage inside the boot. They might even have a better fit than the popular Tapedesign socks, consequently offering more value for money. However, given their cheap price, the material is just ok and the fit is pretty much average.

To double down on price as a selling point, Stepzz offers 20% to 40% discount depending on the number of pairs that you will buy. Stepzz also has colour choices and sizes in Small: US 6 - 9.5 and Medium: US 10+. You can also buy T-shirts, shin guard straps, and resistance training bands on their website.