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Wefoot Grip Sock Review

Ian Ebbs

Originally manufactured as soft pads that go into mobile phones, the unique technology has taken football grip socks to the next level with the Wefoot socks, designed for ultimate grip and combined with a lightweight comfortable sock too.

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How The Grip System Works

non slip grip pads sock

A special biometric non-slip solution [Patent No. 10-1686547], IN WE FOOT Non-Slip System, is applied both inside and outside of the sock, effectively keeping the feet and socks, socks, and shoes from sliding, thus dramatically increasing stability. Unlike normal non-slip, the performance of non-slip is maintained without significant deviation due to moisture such as sweat.

microcell sock tech

The latest versions contains an improved big toe pad which is no longer a one big patch, but three individual smaller patches the same as the others on the socks. This brings a total of 96 pads inside the socks and 96 pads outside, using optimal positioning relevant to the foot, for the best traction possible.

How Are The Socks Made?

Wefoot Sock Technology


Helps absorbs sweat from the skin at a rapid rate to maintain optimum body temperature regardless of season.

Mesh Material

The breathable fabric, keeps your feet ventilated, keeping your feet comfortable and cool during games

Arch Support Structure

A rubber-like structure surrounding the soles of the feet keeps the socks from rotating when worn and provides a functional arch support structure.

LYCRA Rubber and Spane Shield

Used in the cuff and leg of the sock, a diamond pattern aids the compressive effect and the LYCRA is more durable compared to regular rubber, the Invista original Lycra Rubber has no change in elasticity and less change in quality, combined with the Lycra Spandex fibres to maintain a comfortable fit from the sock for a long period of time.

Shock-Relieving Cushioning

The socks cushioned structure gives you a comfortable feeling when putting them on and worn in action. They reduces the impact and fatigue of the knees and ankles by mitigating the impact of various sporting activities including football.

Why Are They So Comfortable?

  • The wefoot socks are double padded, thin and asymmetric, so they feel great on feet & not too thick giving a good foot to boot connection.
  • Whilst normal non-slip socks use silicone materials which are normally 1500-2000µm, these socks are a few times thinner at around 400µm
  • With its micro cell technology, they maintain their grip even in wet conditions (either from water or when there is lots of sweat from your feet), perfromaing better than silicon based competitor non-slip socks
  • With its own patented heat compression technology, the pads last much longer after several washing
  • Widely used in other professional sports such as cycling, running, golf etc
  • It is not just used by several national footballers who played at the World Cup like Son, but also they are used by professional footballers in Serie A through a partnership with Empoli

Wefoot Sock Technical Information & Research

We’ve worn and tested these football socks, but there is also plenty of research & testing that has gone in to making these pairs:

Vertical ground reaction force enhancement

The strength or power with which the ground pushes against us when we step or stand on it. It’s like when the ground pushes back at us when we jump or run

  • 15% increase in muscle efficiency
  • 59% increase in non-slip fit on both sides
  • 62% increase in socks grip

Reduced impact compared to general sports socks

  • 57% reduction in impact generated on the inner wall of the side of the shoe
  • 1.59 times Anti-skid effect (static condition)
  • Helps mitigate shock and prevent injuries


Ian Ebbs

Founder of back in 2010, Ian went on to create and host their YouTube channel which now has 1.5million subscribers and over 300 million views, he also hosts their podcast which you can find on Spotify. Taking his over fifteen year experience in the football industry, Ian wrote the book: How To Choose Your Boots (find it on Amazon) where he looks to help footballers of all levels find their perfect pair.