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Pure Grip Performance Football Socks

Dean Ariola

Produced by independent football boot reviewer Josh of SR4U, Pure Grip Socks are intended for ordinary football product consumers who find the prices of other premium grip sock brands too expensive regardless of quality. As such, Pure grip aims to be one of the cheapest in the product category while providing as much premium grip sock feature as possible.

At least in terms of grip, Pure Grip Socks does deliver and achieves its goal of being a cheap but well-performing. In addition, the grip elements offer just the right amount of foot-to-boot traction with the strategic placement of the trianguler rubber elements. Also, they go around the heel and upwards in order to prevent your heel from shooting upwards when accelerating. To maximise the grip performance though, make sure to get the closest size possible as Pure Grip lacks internal elements.

Pure Grip has small, medium, and large based on groupings of US-based sizes, as well as several colour options. It also offers Pure sleeves that are also available in a variety of colours in order to match your team’s colours and avoid the need to cut the bottom of your official socks.

You can always see the Pure Grip Socks advertised by Josh in his channel, usually an intro to his boot reviews. Now, he has updated his grip sock offering to Pure Grip Socks Pro. It has now commanded the attention of other boot reviewers, and the likes of Noah Cavanaugh and Boot Wizard have offered their thoughts about the SR4U socks. The consensus is that the Pro is a significant improvement over the initial release. What’s more, the improvement comes for just $2 price increase!


Dean Ariola

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