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Grip 4 Performance Football Socks

Dean Ariola

Another German brand has joined in the production of grip socks in the form of Falke and their Grip 4 football socks. The brand is clearly inspired by the rise of Trusox despite its humble beginnings and like Austria’s Tapedesign, Falke Grip 4 hopes to make a dent in the grip sock market regardless of their current brand recognition.

The centre of the Falke Grip 4’s grip function is the silicon nubs in and out of the footbed. The premium material allows not only the usual comfortable compression and stretch but also a decent absorption of moist and sweat. And through its triple-layer design, Falke Grip 4 is able to apply a certain amount of temperature regulation.

5 Things You’ll Want to Know About Falke Grip 4:

  1. Another grip socks that may have less grip but could appeal for those who find the Trusox too grippy
  2. Made of thin material with little to no cushioning
  3. One of the grip socks that definitely address sweat and moisture
  4. Pricey but relatively cheaper than Trusox
  5. Perfect if your boots are already tight

To save you time, we’ve combined our own personal opinions of the boots, with those of the most trusted voices on Football Boots online. Below you can find video reviews of the Grip 4 and their key takeaways, so everything you’d want to know about this football socks is here for you!

Freekickerz has the following points about Falke relative to Trusox:

  • Has a better and tighter fit than Trusox
  • Grip is perfect for those who find that of the Trusox too aggressive
  • Recommends washing first Falke Grip 4 before use
  • Relatively cheaper than Trusox
  • Noticeably reduces sweat

Unisport listed Falke as as its top grip socks with the following reasoning:

  • Material is premium on foot, being stretchy with enough compression
  • Best football socks ever worn
  • Secures lockdown without being rough
  • Solid durability
  • Best consistency grip-wise and longevity-wise


Dean Ariola

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