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NikeGrip Football Socks Review

In 2016, Nike finally released an answer to the rise of Trusox as a highly regarded grip socks brand with their NikeGrip socks. According to design director Tim Clark, the ultimate goal of NikeGrip is to eliminate slippage in both sock-to-boot and foot-to-sock, providing the perfect grip inside out. In the same way that some Nike boots have been inspired by nature, NikeGrip gets its inspiration from the wildlife, specifically the gecko and how the tiny hairs on its tread-like sole enable it to climb vertical surfaces.

For its grip technology, NikeGrip utilizes ultrafine polyester fibres covering the entire heel. The fibres extend to the rest of the sole in a tread-like manner to mimic the ribbed sole of a gecko. Grip is achieved as the fibres carry more twistings than the regular sock textiles. NikeGrip also utilizes multizonal cushioning to alleviate cleat pressure. The extra fabric has been dialled down around the heel for a more precise heel-lock system and the top has an arch compression system, both of which increases snug. Premium cotton makes up the overall material of the sock to deliver a pleasant skin contact sensation plus a decent amount of stretch for fit.

5 Things About NikeGrip Socks:

  1. Provides a balance between grip, fit, and comfort
  2. Not the grippiest of grip socks
  3. Increases comfort through the supportive paddings in key areas
  4. Designed to work best with the NikeGrip insole of Nike football boots
  5. Generally made out of cotton; adds to traction when wet

Kit Lab tested NikeGrip against Trusox, they said:

  • Feels less distractive with the use of fibre instead of rubber pads
  • Offers superb grip especially when partnered with a Nike silo
  • Prefers the usual feel of sock fibre versus silicon pods in the internal linings
  • Differs from Trusox in that NikeGrip focuses on increasing the number of surface areas and contact points rather than increasing the actual grip of the elements

SR4U said of the NikeGrip:

  • Very different feel from the rubbery Trusox
  • Still better than regular socks though difference may be minimal
  • Grip is better than normal socks but does not lose the feel a standard pair of socks
  • Wraps the foot better than any sock with no extra material hanging
  • Recommended for players with boots that already fit well
  • For maximum lockdown and responsiveness, Trusox might be the better option
  • Grip elements inside the socks are not as pronounced as the elements on the outside