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2019 Neymar Silencio Vapor

Neymar's latest signature boots the Mercurial Vapor XII Silêncio or "Shhh" that come from the sound of silencing the critics of Neymar's style of play and the doubters that he will reach his full potential in the game. They are the first 2019 Mercurial signature boot for Neymar after his Meu Jogo, Puro Fenomeno and Written In Stars Vapors to follow on from his previous Jordan and Hypervenom signature boots.

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Nike Boots in Neymar Silêncio Pack:

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As with previous Neymar signature editions, don't expect any other players to lace up in NJRs boots, but you can with Elite, Pro, Academy and Club editions as well as junior versions available.

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Neymar Silêncio Boots

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