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Speed Freak NJR Vapor 13

Ian Ebbs

A stunning Vapor 13, with many Neymar graphics, including old logos and tattoos the player has, these Speed Freak Vapor include: OSADIA Y ALEGRIA, which means bold and happy, also a previous signature edtition, there is the Spray Can & Boot from his Golden Dream Hypervenoms, the ‘Shhh’ tattoo on his left hand, as used for his last Silencion Vapors, the logo seen used on his Neymar Jordan Hypervenom and the IV for his four members of family.

Available in kids, academy and pro versions as well as Neymar’s Elite edition, anyone can look and play like Neymar in his new boots. Whether Nike drop a retail version in Neymar’s preffered AG-Pro soleplate, seems unlikely, but we could see Neymar himself wearing those with the conical studs on pitch instead.

The soleplate itself is standout, with the red used to dazzling effect on the Aerotrak section of the soleplate and the checkerboard design wrapping under the boot, thanks to the Vapor 360 flyknit upper, the design coming from racing flag design.

Neymar has had plenty of signature edition Vapors, but these are the best looking in a while, the Silencio didn’t hit the spot retail wise as much as they could of, demand held back by Neymar’s lack of on pitch time due to injury. He’ll be hoping to shine on pitch in this latest release.


Ian Ebbs

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