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Neymar’s Jogo Prismatico Vapor

Dean Ariola

Created to be the embodiment of the player, the Jogo Prismatico Vapor, combine elements of both Nike & Neymar’s history into his latest signature edition boot. Neymar has another new logo and it’s first use is on his new 2020 Nike collection, his old logo is a secondary detail within the boot’s upper design.

What boots does Neymar wear? Right now the Nike Mercurial Jogo Prismatico Vapor 13 Elite, they’re also available in Pro, Academy & club editions for those that don’t have NJR’s millions, but want to look like the player on pitch.

The marketing speak on these, is that Neymar is refracting the harsh glare of the spotlight into a brilliant spectrum of athleticism, what is handy for putting a beautiful rainbow of colours on to the boots! Which truth be told look incredible both in hand and on pitch.

Each boot’s heel is different, with Ousadia (Daring) on the left and and Alegria (Joy) on the right, these correspond to Neymar Jr.’s tattoos on the matching legs his legs. Woven into the design are the stars of his first Mercurial player edition (the 2017 Written in the Stars) he had the Hypervenom signature editions prior to those, but wanted to get back to wearing the Vapor.


Dean Ariola

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