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Nike Mercurial Vapor 14

Should we start by saying the the Nike Vapor is the professionals choice, we have! So many Pro's love these boots, but will you too? The Vapor just got an upgrade to the Vapor 14 Elite, does it have the same benefits of previous boots, that players loved, or is it now just a Superfly with the collar cut off? Read our Vapor Review to help you decide what is right for you.

Mercurial Vapor Models

Academy Boot Review
Nike Vapors Review

Your choices of Nike Vapors


The Elite represents the most premium execution of the Vapor as it has the sophisticated Vaporposite upper and the responsive Aerotrak soleplate on top of the anatomically-shaped insole. The Vapor Elite has models dedicated for firm ground, artificial ground, and soft ground that uses the Anti Clog technology.

Vapor 14 Elite

Top-end model for the low-cut Mercurials; all the tech of the Superfly less the Dynamic Fit collar; worn by PROs like Erling Haaland and Bruno Fernandes


The Pro, while still bringing the vibes of the Elite version, has some of the features toned down for price considerations, like not being as thin and pliable as the Elite's Vaporposite upper and the Aerotrak not as responsive as that of the top-end model. You can find the Pro Vapor available in natural grass, synthetic pitch, and indoor court variants.

Vapor 14 Pro

Costs half the price of the Elite but still brings some Elite vibes; some changes include circular knit replacing Flyknit and the absence of speed wings; still has the Aerotrak spine


Where significant changes are noticeable is on the Academy and Club levels, which both have a bulky upper construction and aesthetics inspired by the looks of the Elite boot. The Academy has soleplates available for indoor courts and turf pitches. The Academy is flexible with regard to natural grass and artificial grass as it has an FG/MG label, you can read our review of the academy Vapor here.

Vapor 14 Academy

Like the Superfly 8 Academy, no longer has a translucent layered upper but has instead a plain meshed-textured solid synthetic upper


The club is an entry level boot, designed for children and a very cheap option, it is only in FG/MG and Turf soleplates, the young kids boots include a velcro strap instead of laces to make it easier to put them on.

Vapor 14 Club

Entry-level Vapors; Cheapest but most structured; perfect for young players as it offers the most protection

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Originally launched in 2002, Nike unveiled their first ever speed-themed silo which has since become arguably the most iconic boot of the past two decades. Updated usually every two years, Nike release a new generation for World Cup and European Championship tournaments.

Headlined in its early success by Ronaldo de Lima, for many the greatest ever striker, the Mercurial Vapor has always possessed a speed-theme and this can be seen today being represented by Eden Hazard and Neymar.

In 2018, in-line with the Mercurial Vapor XII, Nike changed the boot's upper for the first time ever switching out its Teijin synthetic for a full Flyknit construction.

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