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New Balance Present 2024 White and Black Packs

Dean Ariola

All the major brands have their white and black boots out there to start the year. And New Balance catch up with them by giving their Furon, Tekela and even the 442 the white and black treatments for monochrome boot lovers to check out. You can now have speed, control and touch options in light or dark mode from the growing football boot brand. Be sure to get ready to get your cleaning kit ready if you opt for the former, and follow the footsteps of the likes of Bukayo Saka and Harvey Elliott in Academy spirit should you go for the latter.

Let’s get the common denominator out of the way, and that’s simply the red stud tips sprinkled across the soleplate. Other than that, it’s like choosing between day and night, light and dark, bright and dim. Go one way or the other, you’ll still get to let everybody know that what you have is from New Balance, courtesy of the brandings and logos popping out in opposing accent. We must say though that there always seem to be a Rolls Royce vibe when you step on the pitch with white boots, and a bit of raring racing car feeling when you lace the black ones.

Whether it’s the speed boot or the control boot, you’ll get the same colour dynamic mentioned above. The single colour look gives the texturing on both boots some understated effect. But aside from choosing between white and red, New Balance retains the option in the Tekela for you to select either the laceless high-cut or the laced low-cut. A bigger ‘N’ lettermark is something you can also look forward to if you’re a huge New Balance fan and won’t mind showing it off with your peers. It must be telling the Tekela is worth at least some consideration, if having someone like Raheem Sterling is something to go by.

The 442 slightly changes things up a bit, as it includes the 442 quarter heel branding in red and colours the N logo in grey with black outline for the white version. As far as the black 442, it’s the same one released sometime in 2022 and actually informs the thematic makeup of the 2024 black Furon and Tekela. Also in the black 442 the N logo has an opposing colour outline, but the solid fill joins in with the dominant colourway.


Dean Ariola

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