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New Balance Drops Rare Force Pack

Dean Ariola

White boots are coming thick and fast. After the Nike Blast and adidas Pearlized packs, then followed up by the Puma King Ultimate launch, it’s New Balance’s turn to bring out their own white football boots. Enter ‘Rare Force,’ its whiteout entry containing both the Furon v7 and the Tekela v4. It’s another option to look at for players opting for the clean, pristine look without worrying about the mud and dirt they would acquire afterwards.

The crisp look of the Rare Force Furon v7 serves as a canvass for the topographic lines proliferating along the upper. Perhaps indicating something relative to speed, those graphical lines somehow bear semblance to those fast powerful winds and disturbances in a weather news board. Here’s hoping that the fast clean look help you become quicker on the pitch.

The Rare Force Tekela does not sidetrack itself that much and has applied the same colour theme and design elements found on the Furon. On both boots as well, a solid-looking, chrome-finished soleplate fits to the bottom. Each step does bring some glam and bling, which should be more than enough to divert everyone’s attention to yourself.


Dean Ariola

Dean has worked Chief writer at the Black & Orange team since 2020, he has an indepth knowledge of all the soccer shoes from the big brands, you have him to thank for all the updates to our Boot Secrets guide and he is first on the scene with all the new releases for you!