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New Balance Lime Glo Pack Released

Dean Ariola

As we wrap up domestic and continental club football for the 2023/24 season, all attention shift to the summer spectacle of the Euro and Copa America. With the sun fully shining on the grass, our international New Balance players would be better served with a boot colourway that takes advantage of this light. New Balance Lime Glo Pack gives the Furon and Tekela with a bright paintjob that kind of like mirrors back the sunlight from the pitch. If your skilful and confident, I think you’ll like the sunny outlook of these Lime Glo boots. But like any bright colourway, be sure to get ready with your brushes and soap to remedy the dimming effect of dirt and mud.

It’s a relatively uniform look for the New Balance Lime Glo, I should say. The boots have that predominantly extremely bright green that somehow borders on yellow. I guess that bright green or yellow shading will be heavily affected by the angle and amount of lighting it is subjected to. Technically it should be more of lime, but arguably we can also say it’s projecting a lemon-like yellow colour.There’s a few things though that are indisputable regardless if you go for the Furon or the Tekela.

The brandings are well visible thanks to their black detailing. Even from afar you can see that bold N logo on the sides. Particularly on the Tekela, that lettermark looks like it’s hugging the boot, with it being present on both lateral and medial sides. Such is not the case for the Furon, which maintains its bespoke streaking NB branding on the medial quarter. Both boots have their silo name written on the heel.

Another common element of the Lime Glo Furon and Tekela is the lime leaf trims. It’s simply a more familiar green tone that hazily applies on the upper. The accent colour is more visible though on the stud tips. The Furon takes it up a notch and uses lime leaf on the rear structure of its soleplate. This is different from the Tekela which opted for black on the same part of the boot.


Dean Ariola

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