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New Balance Drops ‘The Deep Earth’ Pack

Dean Ariola

If you miss the actual launch of the new-gen Furon and Tekela in the ‘Gold Pack‘, no worries! New Balance sets the Furon v7 and Tekela v4 for a wide release with the ‘Deep Earth Pack,’ giving the boots a black base with gold accents.

Yes, you’re mind is not playing tricks with you. If you think that the boots above are from the Gold Pack, you are forgiven! The Deep Earth Pack also employs the black-with-gold, only that unlike the limited edition release, Deep Earth limits the gold accents to the brandings and logos. The colourway also does away with the glittery, sparkling finish in favour of a more matte-look. All the gloss are left with the outsole, whose pitch darkness is alleviated with that touch of glimmer.

Overall, the Deep Earth pack makes the all-new Furon and Tekela boots look more grounded, perfect for players who tend to shy away from flashiness of colourways like in the First Edition Gold.  Another positive effect of the cleaner colour application of black and gold is that the new features and construction of both boots now appear more clearly.



Dean Ariola

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