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Puma Launch the Voltage Pack

Dean Ariola

You need voltage to make that electricity circulate and power up the lights of football’s brightest stadiums. Puma takes inspiration from this circuit pressure to represent that inner motivational force pushing a player to light up the pitch. And Puma does this by launching the Voltage pack, featuring the Future, Ultra and King Ultimates carrying to their respective extent the pack’s yellow scheme. With their Voltage boots, Puma wants their players to keep up that invisible force that forever links their heart and soul to football.

It’s in the Ultra that the Voltage theme is most evident. That yellow blaze shade, as officially called by the brand, wraps itself up across the entirety of the Ultraweave upper. With such dominance of yellow, the Ultra enables the black Formstrips to appear vividly. The lateral Swoosh, furthermore, takes on a white sold fill.

One look and you could easily say that Puma simply reversed the colour dynamic in the Voltage King. White is now the dominant colour and limits the pack’s yellow to the tongue and medial quarter panel. Black also colours the moulded Formstrip here and the branding on the heel, but the bespoke texture graphic within that Formstrip has a faded application of black in there.

It’s in the Future that the Voltage yellow blaze is less dominant but still prominent nonetheless. It colours the PWRTAPE cleanly but raggedly mixes with grey on the coating of the upper, leaving the tongue and collar in white. The Dynamic Motion System tooling has a clear-cut yellow and black division, with the former occupying the front plate and the latter the rear one.


Dean Ariola

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