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Puma Tricks Collection Make a Return in 2023

Dean Ariola

You’ve got to be daring and precise to carry out a pair of boots where one side has a completely different colour from the other. And that’s what Puma managed to do when its Tricks collection made its mark in football boot history. Multiple iterations were launched, but ultimately a few of those truly stood out, which are now memorialised by the current Puma silos going into Tricks mode.

For the first Tricks under the Ultra Ultimate, Puma revives the light blue and pink seen on the 2014 World Cup Tricks. And just like the in said Puma boots, the first colour occupies the left boot and the second one gets all the right boot for itself.

Perhaps due to the nature of the ULTRAWEAVE upper, the colours appear a bit deemed and lack the gloss they had on the more syntheticky evoSPEED and evoPOWER boots. Some might actually prefer this somewhat toned-down version though, as wearing a pair of differently-coloured boots is already bold enough to make others expect that you will back them up with skills, and, most importantly, ‘tricks’ on the pitch.

Now with regard to the Tricks Future Ultimate, the combination now is a hot pink and a bright, sunny yellow. It’s a Tricks combination launched for the 2016 Euro tournament. If Cesc Fabregas was headline star that carried the Tricks in 2014, Antoine Griezmann can be said to be the breakout star leading the striking colourway in 2016.

While the Future Ultimate Tricks carried over that fade-to-black effect towards the heel, the boots reverse the sides that the colours originally occupied. Moreover, the yellow shade used has a lighter volt shade that is almost reaching the green side. The pink is now somewhat deeper and more magenta-like.


Dean Ariola

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