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Puma Supercharge Pack Out, Starts with New-gen Future Ultimate!

Dean Ariola

As if by tradition, Neymar and Puma gave us a teaser model for the new-gen Future Ultimate with the DNA drop last December. They now morph things up by giving us the Supercharge Pack, the brand’s wide release for the second half of the season that also includes the Ultra speed boots and, most importantly, officially pumping up Future players for the remainder of the campaign.

Officially called Blue glimmer, the Future Supercharge’s base colour has that blue shade knocking on the doorsteps of purple, with the PWRTAPE technology highlighted in a slightly darker tone of orange versus the one we saw on the teaser launch. Each part of the now two-piece Dynamic Motion Outsole takes one of the abovementioned colours.

To make it distinct from the new kid in town, the Ultra simply reverses the colour workings to make the orange the pervading one, with the purplish ‘blue glimmer’ mainly glimmering from the stud tips. The Formstrip, in its bold black outline and solid cream white fill with additional stylised graphic, induces a retrovibe for Puma’s iconic logo.


Dean Ariola

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