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Long live the King! Puma’s iconic silo is now back with another modern interpretation following the King Platinum series. It’s a needed refresh considering the not-so-warm reception to the King Platinum 21, which arguably failed to give justice to how a K-leather boot should feel like. So not only does Puma reimagines the King for a contemporary feel, it also does something bold that might forever have an impact to the identity of the King football boots…

But first, let’s take a look…of the looks It is predominantly white with a contrasting black 3D outline for the Puma Formstrip, which is then filled in with a bespoke microvisual pattern and a coloured background in ‘Shimmer Blue.’ The aforementioned secondary colour spills into parts of the soleplate, while an ‘Ultra Orange’ accent touches the top edge of the tongue.

If those colours remind you of something, that should be because they are the exact colourways used for the Future Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate respectively in the Supercharge pack. So safe to say that while the King Ultimate got delayed on its arrival, it nonetheless forms part of the pack that gave us the latest in the Future line.

Now, for the great reveal…The King Ultimate is no longer a K-leather boot! Yes, that’s right. It seems that one of the OG K-leather football boots has joined the trend of big brands moving away from the said animal material. In place is a material called ‘K-BETTER,’ a synthetic leather comprised of 60% recycled nylon from post-industrial waste. But doing away with all the technicalities, the sum of it is that it is a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of replicating the benefits of K-leather in a football boot.

But how’s the fit and feel, and overall performance? Football Boots UK tested out these boots and here are our findings

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