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Puma Drop Elements Pack

Dean Ariola

Emotions, animals, and style of play. Football boots have always been linked to any of these for inspiring their next look, especially for the big brands. Puma drop the Elements Pack featuring the Future, Ultra and King Ultimates, and do things uniquely as far as conceptualising their design. First, they partnered with known boot customiser SILNI. And, second and most importantly, they allowed him to not just personalise but directly design, using the forces of nature to graphically represent the leading Puma silos.

For the Future, what stands out is the fiery essence combusting around the edges of the boot. The flamey aura gives way to the blackness of the tongue and collar, like the smoke that comes up after the Future’s agile players leave their trailblazing mark on the field.

Speed kills! And in this case, SILNI decides to liken the Ultra to lightning-like how fast it goes by in a blink of an eye. While the Ultra Elements does give off a cooler vibe thanks to its opposing bluish shade to that of the Future Elements, the streaking visuals on the sides should remind everyone not to be complacent when facing off with a Puma Ultra player.

Lastly, the King Elements is all about the wind. As they say for the wind, ‘You can’t see it, but you can feel it!’ And so the King might not be as flashy as its speed and agility Puma boot siblings, but it does have more than enough in the bag to dictate the game quietly and from afar.


Dean Ariola

Dean has worked Chief writer at the Black & Orange team since 2020, he has an indepth knowledge of all the soccer shoes from the big brands, you have him to thank for all the updates to our Boot Secrets guide and he is first on the scene with all the new releases for you!