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Puma Release First 23/24 Eclipse Pack

Dean Ariola

At this point, it’s easy to lose count of how many Eclipse packs Puma has released. But to simplify matters at this point, the brand has released their previous black packs twice, one at the beginning and the other right in the middle or towards the end of the season. With the 2023/24 football season about to open in a month’s time, Puma sticks true to precedence and has given us their first Eclipse Pack for 2023/24. We now have light and dark modes for the Future, Ultra and King, as the collection now go side-by-side with the predominantly white Breakthrough Pack.

Black packs nowadays are not just about the colour black, as accents play a major role in defining the identity of the recent black collections and the individuality of each boot within the group. This Eclipse Pack is no exception. A variety of black tones, hues and finishes combine uniquely for each silo, so despite the predominance of one shade the pack is still able to provide choices in terms of looks and visuals.

The Future has its PWRTAPE strips exhibit a lighter, somewhat greyish tone while the Wild Cat symbol and some of the dotted texturing produce a deep, bluish purple iridescence. With regard to the Ultra speed boot, the Formstrip has a bit of a silverish outline that helps it stand out. On top of that, the space it confines has a glossy surface, making that part of the boot the defining design element.

Compared to the two, the King in this Eclipse has a relatively matte aura. Puma has then decided to put the secondary colour detail of asphalt onto the outsole, with touches of rainbow-like glints spread throughout that base.


Dean Ariola

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