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Puma Release Neymar Creativity 2024

Dean Ariola

No, this is not the same boot launched last year. Or the one in 2021. Puma release another Neymar Creativity boot for 2024, and from the looks of the Future Creativity series is shaping to be like CR7’s Superfly Chapters. So far all Creativity Future have shown bold colourways that match the personality and background of the Brazilian superstar. This year’s release is no exception.

Colourway-wise, the boot is heavily accented, randomly shading the visuals with orange, amber, dark blue and even bits of sky blue. The secondary colour details pop out even more as they overlay against a white base. Overall, the colourway is light and jovial. It’s something that can really shine the most in a sunny day. Just be prepared for the natural soil (or the rubber crumbs) to join in the fun once you get to wear them on your matches.

Origin stories in football boots abound. And so Creativity 2024 takes us back to the small-sided games on the streets of Santos, and the role they played in shaping up Neymar‘s football skills and intelligence. The abstract, multicoloured design mixes the raw style of street football with the geometric profile of Pixação.

Neymar Creativity 2024 is also about the future, no pun intended. He has handpicked a number of up-and-coming stars to wear the boot. This team includes Johan Bakayoko, Jess Park, Marc Guiu, Jade Le Guilly, Gabriel Veron and Fiamma Benitez. It’s a decision that is somehow similar to how Nike allowed the CR7 and Mbappe-based MDS series to include an exclusive group of emerging stars among their ranks. Will we see one from adidas and Messi next?


Dean Ariola

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