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Puma Breakthrough Pack Out Now

Dean Ariola

When you go with white boots, expect that the pristineness will last just up to pre-match. The moment you step on the pitch, they become chameleon-like and become greenish and/or brownish. But if you like white boots with certain details to pop-out to make them still visible amidst the changes on the white upper, Puma has got your back! With the Breakthrough Pack, you get Future, Ultra and King Ultimates that gives you fresh overall look heading into the game and stand out features while grinding it out against the opposing XI.

Regardless if you go for the Future or Ultra, you get a pair of Puma white boots adorned with pinkish red accents. This is seen on the texturing and PWRTAPE aesthetic of the former and on the solid fill of the latter’s Formstrip. Furthermore, the inner cage liner of the Ultra exudes some iridescent hues at least across the top of the boot.

Where the Breakthrough pack changes a bit is with the King Ultimate, as it shows a silverish sky blue aura. Also, its Puma Formstrip has a noticeable bluish fill that serves as the background of the gradient finish of the thematic accent on the texturing.


Dean Ariola

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