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Paul Pogba’s Boots

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Paul Pogba wears the adidas Predator, either the latest colourway release or his own Paul Pogba Season variation, as one of only two adidas players that get their own signature edition boots, the other being Lionel Messi. The Predator perfectly suit Pogba’s style of play by offering him ball grip technology to complement his ability to control the game with his long-range passing and deft ball control.

Pogba’s venture into laceless boots started with the ACE 16+ Purecontrol and continued to stay laceless even after the ACE’s transition back to the Predator. Pogba had the privilege of headlining the first Predator without laces, the Predator 18+. His leading of the + model coincided with the resurgence of the Predator’s popularity, starting with the Mutator series, with its Demonskin technology not only bringing back actual rubber elements so core to the silo’s identity but also functionally being the most grippy in ball touch. Things started to change in April 2021, when Pogba wore a laced pair of Predator Freaks. Some boot experts noted that this could be because Pogba lost his shoe in Manchester United’s FA quarter-final loss to Leicester in the previous month.

Pogba, however, is no stranger to laced football boots. He wore some classic Predators like the Powerswerve, X, LZ, and Instinct. Early in his career, he also had playing times with Nike’s CTR360 Maestri III and the Magistas (signalling his inclination to boots with control elements). He did try the likes of F50 Adizero and Hypervenom but eventually found his way back home to the Predator.

Predator Accuracy Crazycharged

Pogba joined Pedri in donning the black alternative to the bright Crazyrush season opening pack. The black Accuracy Crazycharged boots had the zigzag graphic of the Crazylight colourway of the Crazyfast+. The yellow accent provided a complimentary contrast and some colour activity.

Predator Accuracy Crazyrush

Pogba was always known for his bright disposition on and off the pitch. He backed up his personality with the bright Predator Accuracy from the Crazyrush Pack. That lucid lemon accents glowing out of the rubber elements and seam overlay can only expressed energy and positivity, something Pogba also displayed as a player.

Heatspawn Accuracy

With him being fit and able to play in the last few months of the 2022/23 season, Pogba was able to join the other adidas Predator players in rocking this orange with black Accuracy. The notable thing was that the midfielder seemed to have worn the high-cut laced Accuracy instead of the his usual the low-cut preference.

Accuracy.1 Low Paul Pogba

Injuries have sidelined Pogba for most of the 2022/23 season, preventing him from starting his second coming to Juventus as well as joining his national team in the Qatar World Cup to defend their crown. Boots-wise, it also means he missed on having a signature edition for the Predator Edge. adidas decided to change all that and finally placed him back on the signature trail for the Predator Accuracy. The predominantly blue with pink Accuracy Low.1s has a graphics design inspired by his energy and flair on and off the pitch.

adidas Pogba Boots

Here are the previous signature boots adidas released for Paul Pogba

Vegan Pogba x McCartney Football Boots

Vegan Pogba x McCartney Football Boots

Vegan boots: Paul Pogba, a dynamic player on the pitch, and Stella McCartney, a celebrated fashion designer with a vegan lifestyle and plant-based products, team up to bring in the latest special edition of the Predator Freak.

Pharrell x Pogba Human Race Predator

Pharrell x Pogba Human Race Predator

Pharrell Williams and Paul Pogba team up for a new pair of adidas Predator Football Boots, Human Race that are based on the 1998 Predator Accelerator

Paul Pogba's Season 7 Predator

Paul Pogba’s Season 7 Predator

Pogba’s new season 7 Preadators are inspired by fashion, with a black upper covered in gold PP logos, that look like a Louis Vuitton suitcase or a Gucci bag, completed with the white adidas three stripes across the side.

Paul Pogba's Season 6 Predator

Paul Pogba’s Season 6 Predator

Pogba’s sixth Predator season sees a blackout Pred 19+ boot infused with purple and pink across the adidas and PP (Paul Pogba) logos, paired with a capsule collection of trainers and apparel including t-shirts, tracksuits, jackets with the PP logo.

White Paul Pogba Predator Boots Season 5

White Paul Pogba Predator Boots Season 5

White boots, with a hint of snake skin for Paul Pogba, as adias give PP his Season 5 Preadtor’s in white/red and black, with subtle hints of beige on the boots and special packaging too.

Paul Pogba Predator Season 4 Capsule Collection

Paul Pogba Predator Season 4 Capsule Collection

These new boots for Paul Pogba in Black, olive green, crimson and gold, are a pair to make a statement on the pitch!

Pogba's Grey Silver Maroon Predator 18

WPogba’s Grey Silver Maroon Predator 18

Pogba’s back with his third capsule collection from adidas, this time around the first with the Predator boot line. There are grey, silver, maroon Predator 18+ boots included with the fashion focused clothing and indoor lineup of trainers.

What Boots Did Pogba Wore?

Pogba began his career at Manchester United in the youth team before switching to Juventus where he flicked between varying adidas and Nike silos however opted for the latter by choosing the Swoosh’ control Magista Obra which he continued to wear until preferring adidas’ groundbreaking Purecontrol. adidas have featured him heavily in their boot marketing, making him custom versions of releases and his stand out #Pogboom boots.

Paul Pogba was born on the 15th of March 1993 in France to Guinean parents and began developing his clear natural talent for football at local academies before moving to England to be nurtured under the coaching staff of Manchester United. Moving to Italy after Juventus showed their intent of offering regular first-team football however returning to the Red Devils in 2016, Pogba became the most expensive footballer of all-time at that time through his €105 million transfer fee.

First showing his ever apparent flair for the game, Pogba wore Manchester United’s famous shirt like a young player alongside lacing up in adidas’ iconic Predator silo in the Powerswerve model which proved highly popular at the time of release. Pogba also progressed with the same club and boot silo by opting for the Predator X however was later seen preferring the more heritage in theme adiPURE IV.

Making the bold move to depart Manchester United and head over to Italy to play for the Old Lady of Juventus, Pogba also switched boot brands to Nike by wearing the power-infused T90 Laser IV however continued to frequently lace-up in various adidas and Nike boots when the innovative Predator LZ was released and made dramatic changes to the Predator silo through its new synthetic construction and also when Nike dropped their CTR360 Maestri III boot.

Pogba found his first long-serving boot in the form of the Nike Magista Obra after briefly wearing the adidas Predator Accelerator re-make and was renowned for flaunting unique and stunning colour-ways of the first Dynamic Fit collared boot through Nike’s iD personalisation tool including notable Gold, Graffiti, and Paris editions with the latter being designed to show his support for the terrorist attacks of Paris in late 2015.

When adidas launched their revolutionary Purecontrol at the start of 2016, Pogba marked his move to Premier League giants Manchester United by also making the high profile switch from Nike to act as headline representative for the three-stripes of adidas and their laceless Ace 16+ Purecontrol, where the football star was handed a signature edition colour-way of Black/Gold with Pogba branding alongside a mega-contract worth £31 million. For Euro 2016 in his home nation, Pogba was handed a special France Purecontrol colour-way of Silver Metallic/Solar Yellow with added French flag-inspired trim. He wore the Pogboom blue in their 2017 EFL Cup Final win and the Ace 17+ Purecontrol in the same year’s Europa League Final win. The Energy Mode Predator 18+ graced his feet during France’s winning campaign in the 2018 FIFA world cup.


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