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Pogba x McCartney Predators

Dean Ariola

Paul Pogba is no stranger to style and the unconventional. That is why he teamed up with Stella McCartney to sport a pair of Predator Freak boots that express lots of the celebrated fashion designer’s personality. Stella has been a frequent collaborator of adidas and personally designed the look of these Pogba Predators.

The daughter of the prominent Sir Paul McCartney is known for her vegan lifestyle and plant-based designer products. Her background informs the organic look of the upper’s graphic, containing a medley of purple and chartreuse green. The orange Demonskin spikes (except for the white ones on the tongue) are bright and light, and the same colour flows to the lining edges of the collar. The Primeknit upper has an overall white base, beginning with the traditional shade of the overlay coating and the frosty one on the laceless high-cut closure.

Matching up the activity of the visuals on the upper is the iridescent finish of the split-soled Controlframe. The shine of the wearable surface provides sparkles of gold, maroon, and blue, while the stud configuration contains solid white ones and a pinkish support structure on the transparent studs.

The branding on the heel and the signature on the medial side ensure the audience knows that these Pogba limited editions carry out the design of Stella McCartney.


Dean Ariola

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