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Maroon Silver Pogba Predator

Ian Ebbs

Pogba’s first signature Predators have two shades of grey combined with a subtle graphic print on the upper, the sock part of the boot is a maroon collar and a PP logo for Paul Pogba sits on the heel and top of what would be the lace area in these lacelesss boots.

Paul Pogba’s Capsule Collection Season 3 was first seen as the Manchester United midfielder wore them on pitch against Bournemouth, grabbing an assist in their first game in action.

The Capsule collection also has Predator Tango 18+ ultra boost trainers and tango indoor shoes, as well as a sweatshirt, bomber jacket, cap and bag for a full fashion collection as well as the on pitch boots.

This the Pogba’s third signature collection, the first two for the Ace line of boots, whilst the 2nd was only trainers rather than on pitch footwear for Pogba, the return of the Predator sees Pogba with a Predator 18+ FG pair to wear too.


Ian Ebbs

Founder of back in 2010, Ian went on to create and host their YouTube channel which now has 1.5million subscribers and over 300 million views, he also hosts their podcast which you can find on Spotify. Taking his over fifteen year experience in the football industry, Ian wrote the book: How To Choose Your Boots (find it on Amazon) where he looks to help footballers of all levels find their perfect pair.