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Nike United Pack – Women’s World Cup

Dean Ariola

Nike players playing in this year’s most prestigious women’s football tournament in Australia and New Zealand are going to rock a streamlined look as far as their boots are concerned.

Women’s World Cup Boots

Regardless if they are the Mercurials, Phantoms or Tiempo Legends, the 2023 Women’s World Cup pack has clothed a predominantly orange colourway to the Nike football boots. It follows the Bonded pack that arrived before the women’s Euro 2022 competition.

The motif that carries the WWC pack is the repeating pattern of a 3D, geometric ‘N’ and ‘U’ shapes that stand for ‘Nike United’. The backdrop is more orangey on the forefoot and midfoot, and ends with beige for the quarter and outsole. A purple outline accompanies the black Swoosh, while volt lights up the stud tips. Overall, the predominantly orange colourway is inspired by a new dawn, explaining the gradient sunrise tones from warm to cool.

The Air Zoom Mercurial is the coolest of the bunch in terms of the shade. This is manifested by the clarity of the futuristic pattern and the fact that it has the lightest shade of the thematic colour.

The GX, on the other hand, seems to be attempting to strike a balance. The Gripknit goes full blast on the deeper side of the shading, while the quarter attempts to lighten things up with the showcasing of the ‘United’ visuals.

The Phantom Luna is where the colourway takes its warmest route. It still has the U-shaped all over pattern, though it barely registers them. Much attention will be caught on the plush orange tone of the upper.

Tiempo Legend 10 Drop!

Arguably the biggest feature of the United Pack, the Tiempo goes out and finally introduces the new-gen Legend 10. It’s no longer K-leather and instead joins the likes of Puma King Ultimate in going for a synthetic build. In this case, that material is called FlyTouch Plus, Nike’s proprietary material that promises less water intake, light yet durable feel, soft sensation and improved shape retention. FlyTouch Plus is also marketed as having a grippy touch regardless of weather conditions and a trademark smooth and classic traction pattern.




Dean Ariola

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