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UK Parliament Concerned About Lack Of Women’s Boots

Ian Ebbs

A UK parliamentary committee has raised concerns about the lack of diversity in the footwear industry, particularly in the design of women’s football boots. The committee’s report, published on 21 April 2023, found that women’s football boots are often designed with men in mind, and that this can lead to discomfort and performance issues for female players.

adidas Women’s Boots

The report specifically highlighted Adidas as a company that has been slow to address the issue of diversity in women’s football boots. Adidas is the world’s largest sportswear manufacturer, and it has a significant market share in the women’s football boot market. However, the report found that Adidas only offers a limited range of women’s football boots, and that these boots are often based on designs for men’s boots.

Women’s Nike Boots

Nike is another major sportswear manufacturer that has been criticised for the lack of diversity in its women’s football boots. Nike offers a wider range of women’s football boots than adidas, but the report found that these boots are still often based on designs for men’s boots.

Nike pointed out they had released their Phantom Luna boot, specifically cateering to female players, with Elite, Pro & Academy options due to be available at various price points.

Puma Women

Puma is a smaller sportswear manufacturer than Adidas or Nike, but it has been praised for its commitment to diversity in women’s football boots. Puma offers a range of women’s football boots that are specifically designed for female players. These boots take into account the different needs of female players, such as the shape of their feet and the way they move.


IDA is a small, independent company that specialises in the design and manufacture of women’s football boots. IDA boots are made to order, and they are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual players. IDA boots are highly regarded by female players, and they have been worn by players at the highest levels of the game.


The parliamentary committee’s report has called on the footwear industry to do more to address the lack of diversity in women’s football boots. The report highlighted the work of Puma and IDA as examples of how the industry can do better. The report also called on the government to introduce legislation to force the footwear industry to improve diversity in its products.

With the popularity of the Women’s World Cup the report has been picked up again by major news channels like the BBC and the discussion around women’s footwear continues, which is great for the female game and the future.


Ian Ebbs

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