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Tech Indigo Messi Nemezi 19.1

Ian Ebbs

adidas have been releasing a few F50 inspired boots lately, the X19.1 got the 99g treatment and we saw the Tunit look make a comeback with the X50.6 releases, but now Messi gets the F50 adizero vibes, on his Messi Nemeziz boots, whilst you could call the X the child of the F50 adizero, the Nemeziz is merely the cousin, but the father of the F50, Messi himself wears them!

Launched to coincide with the announcement for Messi as a six time Balon D’Or winner, these special boots are not officially tied in to the triumph, but they are really, whey else would adidas bring out new boots for the newly (and sixth time over) crowned best player in the World! Meet the Nemeziz Messi 19.1 Tech Indigo, Signal Green, Glory Purple boots, inspired by the 2010 F50 Chameloeon.

Inspired by Messi’s F50 adiZero of ten years ago, these Tech Indigo, combine the colours of a past classic with the technology of the present with the Messi Nemeziz 19.1, the sports taping inspired Nemeziz, has a mainly purple upper that has more of a shine to it over the toe areas, the adidas logo and three stripes are in the signal green, with green stud tips on a white split sole Torsion system sole-plate. The upper is a blend of the Tech Indigo and Glory Purple in Messi’s prefrred laces variation of the Nemeziz, without the collar in this 19.1 edition.

The 2010 F50 adiZero Chameleon, was a leather boot in the iconic F50 adizero speed silo, worn by Messi at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Messi preferred the leather but a standard version was an ultralight synthetic on the adidas Sprintframe, weighing just 164g. It wasn’t a great tournament for Messi and Argentina, they lost 4-0 to Germany in the quarter-finals.


Ian Ebbs

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