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adidas Numbersup Pack

Blake Grice

adidas have combined with EA Sports to create a pack of boots inspired by the FIFA computer game. If you like your boots to have a contrasting base with bright pastel designs, look no further than the cleats offered in the adidas Numbersup pack. They are the perfect boots for that moment the gaffer calls you to stamp your mark on the pitch!

The Predator Freak has its collar and tongue in light grey with its border in pastel red, the same colour for the Demonskin elements on the arch of the boot. The Primeknit and rubber elements toward the front are dark grey, though much of the space gives way to the bold lettering designs in more vivid red and yellow tones. Completing the look are the white adidas stripes and the Controlframe split sole in solar yellow.

The Copa Sense follows the same colour theme, grey for the base and yellow and red for the paint-like graphic overlay. The said design incorporates both cutouts (located around the rear) and solid-filled drawings (more on the toe box) to show the ‘PASS 99′ branding.’ The rear end of the Senseframe shows a darker grey colour, while the front side shows more of the boot’s visual designs. The colourway for the Numbersup X Speedflow also does not deviate from the colour arrangements. The minimal coating provides the Primeknit with a darker shade of grey, but the eye-catching part is still the pastel red and yellow visuals that have cutouts for the branding reveals. Completing the colour scheme are the dark aqua green towards the heel, the dark grey rear end of the tooling, and the yellow forefoot of the sole, plus the yellow adidas stripes.

Part of the Numbersup Pack is a pair of signature edition Messi X Speedflow .1s. The navy Primeknit material has a light blue overlay with ‘MESSI 100’ brandings in purple gradient. The bespoke markings appear prominently on the toe box before subtly fading towards the rear. The pinstriped adidas logos on the sides and the Messi icon on the heel are volt yellow. The boot finishes up with a violet tone for the Carbitext Speedframe soleplate, which in this colourway has purple studs on the rear and green ones on the front, all having a translucent profile.


Blake Grice

Former Head Writer and Boot Head, Blake supports Manchester United and favours the number 12 shirt. He's a widefooted twenty-five goals a season striker.