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adidas Numbersup Pack

adidas have combined with EA Sports to create a pack of boots inspired by the FIFA computer game. If you like your boots to have a contrasting base with bright pastel designs, look no further than the cleats offered in the adidas Numbersup pack. They are the perfect boots for that moment the gaffer calls you to stamp your mark on the pitch!

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adidas Boots in FIFA 22 Numbersup Pack:

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The Predator Freak has its collar and tongue in light grey with its border in pastel red, the same colour for the Demonskin elements on the arch of the boot. The Primeknit and rubber elements toward the front are dark grey, though much of the space gives way to the bold lettering designs in more vivid red and yellow tones. Completing the look are the white adidas stripes and the Controlframe split sole in solar yellow.

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FIFA 22 Numbersup Boots

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