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Showpiece Pack

Ian Ebbs

Sophisticated plays from your favourite players come to the forefront of Euro 2020 as they flash their respective silos from the adidas Showpiece Pack. Given the tournament’s postponement last year, the Showpiece Pack replaces the Uniforia collection as the official Euro 2020 football boots, moving on from the artistic vibe of the latter towards the elegance of silver. The Showpiece boots bring back memories of the Mercury Pack, used in the preceding Euro, that also brought silver to the adidas’ silos of Ace, X, and Messi in 2016. Using metallic silver as the base, the Showpiece Pack pops in the design elements of its boots with black, red, and blue.

Specifically for the Predator, the boot has a grey Primeknit base upper dressed up with a dark-toned overlay and Achilles structure to subscribe to the metallic silver look. The adidas stripes on the sides are black, while the Demonskin rubber elements protrude in red and blue. Completing the look is the red front and chrome rear plates of the split-soled Controlframe.

In contrast to the matte visuals on the Predator’s Primeknit overlay, the Mirageskin upper of the X Ghosted delivers a glossier metallic silver. The stripes on the lateral side of the front are also black, but the faded ends are red like the adidas logo on the meshed tongue and the front stud tips. Blue details appear on the sides and the rear, getting most intense on the latter. The Carbitex Speedframe shines bright with its chrome finish.

Included in the Showpiece pack is a golden Messi Nemeziz.1. The texturing and torsion soleplate have hues of red, while the tongue and collar go in black. It is the last Messi Nemeziz.1 before the silo is discontinued, they celebrate Lionel’s many achievements and records.


Ian Ebbs

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